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Printing & Embroidery

Make a bold statement with what you wear. Fast order fulfillment, and all you need to do is submit your ideas.


Add flare to your space with a rug made to complement what's already around you. Submit an idea or fan art you want to bring to life.

Magnificent Frenchies

Looking for a French Bulldog? Exotic puppies and stud fees at competitive rates!

Custom Order Services We Provide

Call In Services We Provide


Looking for coverage with your project? Contact us for specialist with proper turn around time.


We house various contract workers within entertainment needs. Contact our team with a list of roles

you need filled.

Car Detailing

Whether you need a car cleaned for a big event or because you want to clean your car after months of grime build up. Interior and exterior options available for your vehicle to be

cleaned on call. 

Deep Cleaning

Busy lives doesn't always mean you have time to keep up with a mess. Let our people handle your light work for any space you need cleaned.

Pop Dat Lock

Mistakes happen easily, so pay for it with less financial hassle.

Call us to unlock your car quickly.

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